Max Kaufmann

Design Portfolio

Artist's Statement

My primary interest is in using digital animation to endow interactive images with gestural playfulness. I use a lot of proceduralism; I view programming as another first-class animation tool. In developing game prototypes, I keep visual designs simple to allow for rapid iteration, but maintain a level of elegance and style in layout, color choice, and animation to keep the experience attractive.

My secondary interest is in comics, which I bring into my game development career through design documents and other places where they often cut the gordian knot of balancing information density with clear presentation.

Here's the source code for the voyeuristic eyeballs to your right.

Sifteo Design Work

At Sifteo I was in charge of concepting, designing, and developing first-party titles. In general, I did my own concept art and layout and then brought on contractors for polish.

SilverTree Media Design Work

In addition to writing tools, shaders, and gameplay scripts as Lead Technical Artist, another one of my responsibilities at SilverTree was to develop a pool of prototypes -- often in just a few hours -- from which our stakeholders could select demos for pitches (Notes on Controls).

Random Sketches

Sampled from this year's sketch book.

24-Hour Comics

My participation in last year's 24-hour comics day "jam" at Mission Art & Comics.

Obligatory Art School Drawings

Although my concentration was in animation, I also took classical illustration studios (in addition to my second major in Math).

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